Hi, crafters! Cast an eye within the piece to Know the miracles that you may perform using cricut knife blade.

Cricut Knife – Blade is Utilized to cut thicker Materials, and it is quite a bit greater than just a crafting tool.

Herein this list, we’ve mentioned the Substances you can cut using Cricut Knife – Blades.

Inch. Balsa Wood
Thickness: 1/32″, 1/16″, 3/32″
§ Balsa Is a Rather soft wood, Therefore It functions nicely for much more significant Cuts than intricate cuts.
§ If your cuts are excessively delicate, then the material may break.

2. Bass Wood
Thickness: 1/32″,” 1/16″
§ Bass Wooden provides more precise results in Contrast to Balsa Wood.
§ It Is a Good Idea to use Bass Wood more than Balsa Wood.

3. Cricut Chip Board
§ If You Wish to Lower chipboards, then it Is Suggested to use the Cricut’s Chipboard it self.
§ it’ll give you accurate and successful outcomes.

4. Craft Foam
Thickness: 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm
§ Even though Cricuts are designed to reduce just 2.4mm materials, you can cut Craft Foams using a thickness of 3mm.

5. Leathers
The thickness for Soft Garment Leather: 2-3oz, 4-5oz
The depth for Stiff Tooling Leather: 4-5oz, 6-7oz
§ While cutting leathers, ensure you maintain the glistening side downwards.

6. Matboard
Thickness: 2-ply,” 4-ply
§ Matboards come in design, therefore you will find really high Probability of its layers Peeling off while you lower them.
§ Like Balsa Wood, make sure to keep your cuts easy with Matboard for successful outcomes.

Key Take Away
These are some of the stuff Which You Can Definitely use along with your Cricut Knife – Blades. However, you might also experiment along with other substances that appear closest for a knife-blade’s capabilities. Thankyou for the reading!